6 Fundamentals Of Modern Web Design


When starting a new website project, it is important that you understand the key fundamentals that are crucial to all websites. In this article we will define 6 principles of great web design which are accepted across the industry. Let these serve as a guide for your new website project. See some of our web design projects.

1. An Intuitive User Experience (UX)

The motivations of your customers should be at the forefront of your mind when you are thinking about your new website. Put yourself in their shoes and try work out what questions that they might have and make sure that the answers are easy to get. This can be done through straightforward and concise navigation.

2. A Short & Sweet Pitch

With the vast amount of information available right at your fingertips, the attention span of a website visitor is short-lived, with most users deciding to leave or keep reading in under ten seconds. Regardless of whether your businesses products or services are straightforward, sadly nobody is spared much time to gain your visitor’s attention and effectively convey who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why they should choose you over a competitor. Make sure this information is precisely worded and protruding on your homepage.

3. Clear & Strong CTAs (Call to Actions)

What do you want your website visitors to do when they come to your site? The goals of your website must be clearly defined with strong calls to action, that will direct your visitors smoothly through your sales funnel.
Some common call to actions and positions to consider include placing your phone number in the top right corner of each webpage, incorporating your contact details in your site footer, and including buttons next to sales messages to send them in the right direction.

4. Colours

A well thought out colour palette can do a lot to enhance the experience of your visitors. Complementary colours stand for balance and harmony. Contrasting colours for the text and background allows for easy reading. Vibrant colours create emotion and should be used sparingly (e.g. for buttons and call to actions). White / negative space is effective at giving your website a clean & modern look.

5. Quality Images

A picture says a thousand words and choosing the right photos & imagery for your website helps with brand positioning and allows you to connect to your target audience. If you don’t have high quality professional photos on hand, consider stock photos to lift the look of your website or we can come take some for you! Also consider using infographics, videos and graphics as these can be effective at communicating even more so than the most well written piece of text.

6. Mobile Friendly

With over 50% of all webpages served being on a mobile device (in 2018). Your website’s content needs to look good on all screen sizes – be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. All websites built by Funnel Web Marketing are responsive, meaning that it will automatically scale depending on the device the user is visiting from.

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